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What is inbound sales?

Your customers have changed their buying behaviour and this means you’ll not only need to consider how to market to them but also how your sales process works to build value.

Luckily, there is a simple way to do this. Inbound sales is closely aligned with inbound marketing and uses the information gained during lead nurturing to deliver a more personalised sales experience.

With the use of the right technology, improved processes and relevant content inbound sales empowers sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity.


Cold calling
Information gatekeepers
Static pitches
Seller centric



Attract with content
Be an open book
Understand buyers context
Buyer centric

The inbound sales process…


Identifying the right business opportunities from the start can be the difference between a thriving business and a failing one. Knowing what to look for also helps you create a predictable, scalable sales funnel.


With inbound sales we help you connect with leads to help them decide whether they should prioritise the goal or challenge they’re facing. If the buyer decides to do so, these leads become qualified leads.


Inbound salespeople are focused on understanding their prospects challenges, needs and goals. By understanding your lead you build trust and can assess whether your offering is a good fit.


Now that you understand your lead’s goals and challenges you can personally advise and counsel them on the best way to solve their challenges and meet their goals. Done are the days of one size fits all.
By 2020


of a buyers purchases will take place without talking face-to-face with a salesperson.

Companies are

more likely to be effective<br /> at driving sales if they have<br /> a marketing and sales SLA<br /> in place.



of buyers choose a supplier<br /> that provided them the<br /> right content throughout<br /> the buying process.

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increase in turnover

Nathan van Zyl



increase in turnover

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